Saturday, August 20, 2011


I will be at the STGCC today (Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention) so I won't be much present on the blog, sorry. (if you are interested I'll write a report on the convention).

It's been a rushed week, not even time to enjoy and draw the shallalahs celebrating the SJ award! (where should I put the golden butler, now? XD)... and you might not believe this but I am going to the STGCC for work. Certain aspects of work sure are nice... ^___^

So if any of you is from Singapore and you are going too and you spot me... feel free to approach me. I kinda look like the drawing, with the question marks and all, ah ah ah. Well, easy to spot me anyway... I'm the Ang Mo (white) chick with glasses and bandanas and I will be wearing some random comic t-shirt (probably Astroboy) and have a mickey mouse bag.
If my Jacket says: Kiss me, I'm a Pirate!
Then you will be absolutely sure it's me!

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Anonymous said...

If you ever come to the states, i'll definitely be sure to show up! I just can't afford to fly to Singapore!