Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore

Today is National Day in Singapore (I get to rest a bit and this rest is much needed) and the Country turns 46.

It seems only right to wish Happy Birthday to my new home, and if I used Kane to wish happy birthday to Italy, it seems only fair to use Cat - whose hairdo was inspired by the merlion - to convey my best wishes here, today.

Also Google.sg logo looks so cute.

Have a great National Day my S'porean friends!


Anonymous said...

I would never have thought that Cat's hairdo was inspired by my nation's Merlion.. It's kind of weird and amusing XD

dedasaur said...

Yes, I love the Merlion's hairdo! He's coool! *_*

Anonymous said...

I think that Cat looks like Kofi Kingston--an American wrestler. Google it!