Monday, August 08, 2011


Alright guys,
I am trying to fix all the links and downloads in the blog/site.

So today I have a little request and a few questions for you regarding the look and functionality of the blog - so it is very very important that you answer to this message and help me out a bit.

See, a lot of times, when I post, I make mistakes (I have wrong pages, broken links) and people never message me... until a pius soul finds it in his heart to let me know... many months later.
This says a lot... a lot of sad things. But I don't want to go there with a long disquisition of how internet has changed people over the years.

So here's how it goes: please let me know if you think there's anything I could improve on the blog (if some things are not easy to find, if links are broken and don't bring you anywhere, if images don't show, etc etc). I am technologically impaired but, as you might have seen, I do try my best to find solutions for everyone's benefit.

For example: Do you see the G+ button? The one right under the facebook like button?

Unfortunately I know that I have quite a few flash widgets that cannot be read with ipad or iphone... the countdown, the fan art gallery and even the issuu reader.

Any tech savvy suggestion and tip is most welcome,

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Chiya said...

Ho provato dei pulsanti a caso a destra e mi sembra che i link funzionino e sotto il pulsante di facebook vedo il pulsante con +1, intendevi questo perchè se è così allora c'è ^_^
Spero di averti aiutato