Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pifo XXI

And we finish the set (I totally forgot to upload the lineart so I will do it in a second time).

Quite short for them as I want them to be as the established gay couple owning a cafe who provides food and suggestions/solutions while feeding the others.
Sometimes the solutions comes through food.

So, for example, they provide the catering for Pea's events. Amil packs his brother's lunch (it's singular, yes, in the XXI Josh does not appear, which makes me very sad but there's a reason for it).
Pifo and Amil meet in high school, they are both in the cooking club. They decide to go to cooking school together: one of them specializes in pastries and the other one in regular cooking (particularly fusion and healthy food).

They open a small business together, starting from catering and the business booms after Pea decides to hire them for a big event and their food is a complete success. Particularly Pifo's cakes are considered to be too cute to be true but also edible (which is usually never the case because I have yet to eat a cake that's pretty and also not disgustingly sweet). But Pifo's cakes are light, healthy, lno liquor and no spongecake. No glazing either.
He creates a heaven of fruits based mousses, mille-feuilles, profiteroles and saint honores!

Also Pifo is quite the volatile boy and goes through a lot of heartaches and rejections before he realizes that Amil was always there for him (sounds familiar? yes! It's karmic, I guess).

In the end, because this is a bit of a back story, when our XXI setting starts they own a small cafe called "Food for the soul"... where people go when they are depressed or sad (or not) to find comfort in good food.
Pifo made the place look very comfy, warm, welcoming... almost like your best friend's living room: a nice sofas and armchairs, pretty cups and dishware, shelves full of books, no tv, nice classical music, the place smelling sweet.

There is no menu. He either brings a special of the day or, in case of broken hearts, just looks at the people's face, talks to them a bit and brings food for them. It's always the perfect food!
Of course, after a while, he gets to know his clients very well. (and of course if you are on a special diet - vegetarian - or allergic to something you have to tell him).

So a few times we see either the girls or the boys going there to talk to him, eat sweet or savory, break in tears of relief and then leave feeling much better.
This is what makes his life perfect.... imagine how hard it is to go on vacation with a business like that! (and that's the conflict, because throughout the story he'll try to find a way to bring Amil on vacation somewhere to celebrate their special anniversary).

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