Friday, August 05, 2011

Here's the story! :D

Here's the lineart for Lio and Foxy!

And, just as I promised, here's the story for them. It's quite simple, really... or is it?


In the contemporary version of the story, Foxy and Lio are older (everybody is older, than in the original story, clearly).

Lio is a physiotherapist and she works as a sport physiotherapist. Among her clients is a famous scuderia for Formula One and she takes care of its pilots.

Now Formula One is a sport that puts a lot of stress on the neck of the pilots, the helmet weights about 6kg and usually, during training the neck muscles are stimulated to be able to resist the high amount of G force the pilot has to go through during a grand prix... which usually amounts to a total of 26kg of weight on the neck. Now the cockpit in a car is not too big and it's another reason why, even though the F1 pilots are always well fit, they are not particularly bulky.

Now Lio... she is a big sport fan and it's one of the reasons why she decided to enter the field of sport medicine and become a therapist: to massage the body of hunky looking sportsmen.

"Those sturdy, athletic bodies sweating shiny drops, glittering under the sun... huff huff" *_* - Deda hits Lio on the head!

As I was saying that particular trait of Lio is not gone because, let's face it, girls just wanna have fun! Ha ha ha.So then, one day, the F1 team sends in its brand new pilot and he looks very sweet, very polite... very naughty.

Now, our Lio she knows him very well and is a huuuge fan of his. She is all "Kyaah, I can't believe I will get to massage Salomon Twain! Huff huff.. I am going to rub him here and there! Huff huff" Cough, yeah! But see, being a professional, she doesn't want to give the wrong impression and wants to keep a low profile. She manages to keep a composure and talks to him all relaxed and stuff almost on a daily basis... only to return at home, jumping on the couch, yelling at the sister: I can't stand it!!! He's too cuuuuute!

So she begins to wait for his visits with greater anticipation every day... until one day she sees him show up with one of those racing queens, plastic boobies and rubber lips and all... and she suddenly becomes very gloom.
"Nuoooh, what if he gets a girlfriend??? Okay, I am not the jealous type I'd go for him anyways! But when? When do I go for him? I talk talk and never do.... is he into those kinds of girls?" So she casually inquires.

As I said... our man, Sally, is very nice and polite but a bit naughty (it's the XXI century after all, who believes in innocence anymore?) and has her figured out quite well. Surely by the fact that she rubs him huffing and puffing - and she also drools. So he comes up with an imaginary sharp pain on the lower part of his back and is about to get all undressed when she turns all purple and stops him... "...or I'll totally jump you."

So he grins - yes, this Foxy grins - and proposes a pic-nic.
Go figure, sparks fly and stuff happens and you'd think... wohooo... but apparently it's not very easy to date a famous person. That's when the fun part begins...

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