Friday, August 26, 2011

NEW GAMES! September 19th celebration!

September 19th is "Talk like a pirate day"... you know, to me is also Pirate Day, in a way.

I thought we should participate somehow so, after asking for feedback, I've decided to create some new games. I will post better instructions tomorrow, but first I want to introduce them to you and hear what you have to say about it.

1) Design Pifo's ideal wedding gown (for this one I shall provide a silhouette of naked Pifo to use as a dress up doll or base XDD).

2) The caption contest (I will give you a page with empty speech bubbles and you can come up with your own dialogues).

3) Color a page contest (I'll give you the base and the lineart of a page for you to recolor).

4) what animal should they be? (if the guys were to be an animal what animal should they be? This can be done in drawing and/or writing form).

5) Talk like a pirate day: This is the one with the closest deadline, September 19th.
We celebrate pirates our way: with a drawing, a poem, a story, any kind of art form (so it's a completely free kind of game/conteste).

Here comes the best part. Your art pieces will be posted on the blog throughout the day - September 19th - as I am thinking about officially joining the celebration and putting a flag up on the "talk like a pirate" website

So, what says ye? Shall we join the pirate fun?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me! (Although I can't talk like a pirate, I don't know how they talk in English!)