Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mermaid WIP encore!

Okay I proceed showing you more work in progress on the mermaid piece.
First time in ages I go all out rendering like this... as you can see some things I have yet to resolve... rotation, placement, overlay... that's why I work on this only during week-ends: when working on a complex piece you have to take long breaks from it, so that when you come back, with a refreshed mind, you can see all the problems better.

If you work on the same piece non-stop the problems will disappear in front of your eyes and if the problems are gone... so are the solutions! :D
I guess in the meantime I could finish the XXI set with Quoque and Pifo (although I still don't have a clear story in mind for them and I was thinking of inserting them in the storyline as already "established" somehow).

Today I also have to fix google calendar. For some reasons a few dates are overlapping and showing all wrong up there, aren't they. That's wrong!!!! >:(

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