Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coming up next!

Sorry I haven't been posting anything useful for days.

So this image is a coming up next on chapter 15 :D.

I am currently on page 31 of chapter 15, so sorry if I slowed down with the illustrations, I am trying to get a full chapter ahead of myself in the releases because now that I can compile pdfs and put them on ipad I get to reread the comic more often and find all the typos and problems.

If times allows it, during the next break, I will try to fix a lot of these problems and I was thinking about redrawing chapter one since, as you may know already, that chapter is not made with drawings but with cleaned up storyboards!

And it's not a clean up in pencil... it's simply I erase extra lines here and there! ha ha ha ha.

Also some lines didn't flow properly so let's call this, as my friends would say it, a "perfect edition". :P

Anywas, I found out yesterday that somebody is playing an RPG on this website based on this comic. Cool!
If the person who started the game cares to come forward and tell us how to play I think this could be interesting and fun for all of us... because I'm out of ideas for games.

In fact... the OC Game idea came from one of you, guys, and now I am left wondering: What should we do next?

Would anybody care to draw Pifo's wedding gown or Princess gown or something? XDD hahahaha

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