Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hype~! Cover chapter 16!

Take this!

Muah ah ah ah! Is this spoiler? Is this hype? No, it's sheer cruelty (and after this post I will receive tons of phone calls from WWF and Greenpeace!).

Who knows what this really means though.... maybe I am just teasing you, maybe I am cheating... can you trust a smiling pirate? Never trust a smiling pirate!

I gotta go and fix the google calendar now, for some reason it got messed up again (I think it doesn't like being synchronize with outlook).


Mallory Lynn said...

I love CAT!!! YAY!

FarStar said...

So, they're next couple to have that sort of fun, hmm?
But ohmaigawd, is he huhing even then and she taking matter in her own hands? xD
Cat seems so... docile sometimes. Not in bad way, but few steps behind everyone. Doesn't make him less cuter, though (but sometimes a 'lil annoying, in few special cases)

Kirstie said...