Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What would they look like...

So this is what the OC would look like in my style.

Not particularly pretty as yours... I had to adapt them to the fashion of the time and the looks!

Soooo you're still on time to vote by going right here!


Anonymous said...

Your Julian kills me! He's missing teeth! Wahaha! But I'm probably bias... XD darn it I wasn't bothered at first but now I'm actually sad he's not going to make it into the comic. :c Look at that ernest face!! XD

Mallory Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! So perfect...you continue to amaze me!

Myridd said...

WOW. I love how you drew my entry, even though from what I here Dahlia is losing. -_-;

Oh well! At least she's GORGEOUS!