Friday, November 05, 2010

Banners... and fan club proposal!

I have two new mini banners and am currently working on one for Foxy.
I am thinking about creating a special poll... that is not a poll... it will just states who kidnap your hear.

In short: every time you click on the banner of your favorite pirate I will know whose fan club is bigger and the poll will never close XDDD
Of course I have to set this up after I create Foxy's banner and then I'll put it on the side columns.

What do you think? Would that be fun?
here's the Foxy banner... so shall we start the clubs? *___*/


Justyna said...

ooohhh can't pick just one! ;( Cat and Westley! I wanna both! Can I vote twice? ^^

dedasaur said...

You can vote both if you put the option "Other"
But you cannot vote twice ^^" It's IP regulated I'm afraid.

So you can choose "other" and then write: Cat and Westley.

Breed 107 said...

I voted for Cat (what a surprise!), I'm a Cat-girl from the beginning, even before XD
I'm going to use the banner to decorate my signature in the forum, can I Deda-cy? *_*

dedasaur said...

Certo che puoi Breedcy. I banner sono fatti per essere usati :D

You sure can! Banners are made to be used! :D

Breed 107 said...

Thanks Deda, I put it in my blog too