Friday, November 26, 2010

Chapter 8 - Release on Smack Jeeves.

Sorry to keep you waiting! ^^"
I realized that most of the reader from Smack Jeeves are from the other side of the globe and me updating in the morning for them... gives them something to read a night (while if I upload when in it's evening here... it's the afternoon in Europe and people in the U.s. are sleeping).

So I try to keep the time for upload on the SJ account constant at around 7 a.m. for me.

DO CLICK on the title of the post to read from page 24 on Smack Jeeves the latest release of the Pirate Balthasar.

And thank you all for reading this far! I can't believe another volume is gone.
Apparently we finally reach 500 readers on SJ... I don't know how many of them are still sailing with us... but to all of you still on board: thank you ever so much! :D

And now I have to run to work because I do have class at 8 a.m. LOL!

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