Thursday, November 25, 2010

Volume 2 Back Cover - Final (and why flowers?)

Hello everyone,
in the end my back cover turned out to be like this!
The flowers the doctor is holding are actually used in medicine so he is not just holding flowers for the heck of it LOL
but if you were to put the two covers together... you see Cassandra wearing those flowers! Hee hee hee
So he does use them for other purposes! ^___^/

Otherwise he would use chamomile for soothing and relaxing purposes (but also uses it for wound healing and some inflammations of the skins... and will probably use it on the girls if they have vaginitis and stuff ^^").

The other flower is a Daylily they actually spread in Europe around the XVII, particularly in England, as ornaments... but when they first arrived from China they were use mostly as food or for medicinal uses. It's diuretic and febrifuge (it's supposed to be an antidote against arsenic poisoning too).

So see if for Cassandra flowers are just pretty... for the doctor they are useful!

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Anonymous said...

In both cover cases, lucky flowers 8D