Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Pirate Balthasar - Chapter 8 END

BE WARNED! There are two extra pages, at the moment on this release... compared to the ones already released on Smack Jeeves. (But smack jeeves will be updated in the morning and so will be the title of this post! - which will link directly to the beginning of this update)

Alright guys these pages (which are not 15 and are not 18 but I think I went over 20 this time) mark the end of chapter 8 and volume 2.
But stay tuned... I am planning a little special and I will be uploading it one page at the time starting tomorrow... did you get that Doctor and Pifo's fans?


Anonymous said...

arf arf arf!

Is the special dealing with what I think it's dealing? **

Anonymous said...

Fabulous chapter and a worthy end to the crescendo of this whole volume *-* .

Note: in the Italian version of the last part there's an extra comma. When Josh pops out saying 'Ora ho visto tutto' , in Lio's reply: 'sto, splonzo' . No comma needed ;)
Devo ancora leggere i capitoli precedenti in italiano, intanto magari segnatelo XD.