Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yes tomorrow is a public holiday and I get to stay at home and rest!
Horray for meeeee!

Today I defeated a monster called bureaucracy twice!!!! *_* And also managed to clean up six more pages...
this chapter is getting interesting... I have to say... it was not completely storyboarded and it comes along by itself as I try to figure things out.
Some unexpected reactions and dialogues popped out too.

So just so you know... Kane and Castalia will work out a nice sweat!

And today is tuesday, my favorite day of the week... I went to a workshop and drew with charcoal to my heart's content. *_* Next week is portrait day and I will try to use pastels... but I have to get better paper than newsprint.

I will post some picture of the charcoal drawing in my personal blog tomorrow.
I hope you like the little preview! :D

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