Tuesday, November 02, 2010

kiss the boo boo away

And we are back to our usual selves... for a while it will be Illustration night every night and during the day the Mighty Dedasaur will work on the release.

Releasing the special was fun... it was tiring too hahahahaha. I still have website maintenance to do and a few other things to stitch together... including the end cover for volume 2 with Westley on it... matching up with the Cassandra front Cover....

Also I need to think about a cover for chapter 9 which might warn you about some mature content in the beginning pages... as Lio and Foxy finally manage to get together again and Lio definitely needs to be back with her cute submissive man!

Imagine that... no Pea around, pent up frustrations... she is going to eat him whole, bones included.
Ah, but do not think about something extreme... I am thinking about some nudity more than whatever explicit things (I am not into porn, I like sensuality).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*waving pom-poms for Lio's bonetimes* it's sexual healing all right XD. Foxy, heal her THOROUGHLY *cracks whip*

Westley goodness makes this groupie happy :D *-*