Monday, November 22, 2010

Names: The boys - part 3

One friend pointed out the fact that I had not completely explained the origins for all the boys' names.

Sorry... I still have to go through: Martin Steeves, Josh Habel, Pifo and Quoque Tu.

Martin Steeves
It's kinda silly but it's like... Steeve Martin in reverse. I wanted a name that worked both ways, like mine... my name and last names can be reversed and they are both names. It works especially with my dad. In fact most people mix his name and last name all the time.
Then my mom, for a while, could not tell Steeve Martin's name properly... she kept saying Martin Steeves, Martin Steeves (I think she got confused with Martin Sheen too) and that got stuck in my head.
It's a silly reason but that's how it came to be.

Josh Habel
I cannot quite remember how this his name came to be. It is a left over from the original story, when the protagonist was named Kyle... and I think it comes from The Guiding Light. If I am correct, back then, these two guys Kyle and Josh, were competing over Reeva. My friend Giorgia, who was writing the story with me, back then, liked the name right away and so we adopted it.

Originally Josh was not Kane's brother. They were rivals. He was supposed to be the other guy: the one who is supportive and understanding and in the end... withdraws from the competition because love is the higher thing amongst things. He was Giorgia's ideal and she was his mom all the way.

Then the story changed. By the way... The Kane and Habel thing is a pure coincidence.
Josh Habel was indeed called Habel way before Kyle turned into Kane. I cannot remember if Giorgia picked it because she was of the idea that Josh was like Abel and Kyle was like Cain. In the end it was a fun coincidence and I kept it and pushed it too.

Pifo Papadopulos

Don't hate me, Pifo fans... the original pronunciation problem with Pifo was not a mere F for and S... the guy had a lisp and so everything was complicated but written with Sh... for S.
His original catchy line was a continuous: My name ish not Pifo it's Pisho.
Which in Italian could be meant as: I'm not Pifo I'm piss.
His catchy line would disgust even pirates and he would make silence drop and everyone stare at him like this O_o.
In the end a smart person would figure out and say: wait... your name is Piso?
Then the "Sh" thing was complicated to read and write, the piss joke was tasteless and to have a running joke so disturbing just 'cuz the guy is named... after a nap... really wasn't worth all the trouble.
But the name is cute so I kept it.

Quoque Tu

Quoque is not Quoque's real name. You'll find out his real name pretty soon.
Quoque is more of a nick for the fella... just like Cat and Foxy.
It comes from Tu Quoque!!! And quoque sounds very much like cuoco... the Italian word for cook.
How did he earn his cute nick name? I'll draw a special about it! Don't worry.

There's one more person I need to talk about: Call.
For him... I simply choose a name that started with a C that would go nicely together with Castalia, Callista, Cassiopea, Calliope and Cassandra.
The only boy's name I could think of was: Callimaco (the original Greek name would be Kallimachos). I did not pick it for any particular reason... it just sounded right.


Anonymous said...

um.. for the life of me, I just can't remember. Who's Call?

dedasaur said...

We haven't seen Call yet but the name was mentioned by Josh once! He will be mentioned again and we shall see him in chapter 10.

Ella said...

Is Quoque's name meant to be a pun on "cockatoo" or is that just coincidental?

dedasaur said...

they are prnoinced differently, so i'd say it's a coincidence.
Quoque's name is from latin and it was meant to sound like cuoco... the prnonciation is Kwoh kway too.