Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Imperial Flaghship!!!

Okay not so related topic but... Loook how cool it iiiiis!!!
Okay, so, it will be 75 cm long when it's done and it will take me months because, let me tell you... this huuuuge and heavy box contains 22 bags of bricks and small pieces... none of them numbered!!!

Yes, exactly! Unlike the pirate ship... the Imperial Flagship comes with no numbers on the bag and no instruction on "please do not open and mix all the pieces"...

Which means that this sucker was created to give troubles to pirates like me... all the way!
But I shall conquer you... starting tomorrow I'll separate the bricks by color and shape, as if I were making a puzzle... I will not use my table to dine anymore!

I shall build you, Imperial Flagship, and once I am done... brick lady... you are going to go jump jump into the jaws of my new baby shark! Muahahahahahahaha!

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