Friday, November 12, 2010

Chubby uncle and spearman!

Alright guys... Did you miss the uncle and the spearmen? They'll be back in a nice chase scene! :D Soon... not too soon but soon enough.


Thank you all for registering with the Fan Clubs: 151 people decided to participate so far! It's awesome!

Counting also the people who chose the option "other"
that's how we are going:

Cat has 72 fans a 1/2 (bottom or top part?) XDD
Westley has 37 fans.
Kane has 16 and 1/2 fans (left or right?) XD
Foxy has 11 fans but noisy ones! yeah!
Pifo has 7 fans, mostly Italians.
Josh has 5 fans.

Somebody stated ALL that will give extra boost to the guys. Somebody else said 3 of them but left no names T_T so we'll never know and will be left to wonder....

Pretty cool, eh?

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