Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Balthasar Playlist.

Not too long ago I made this post... It's about the music I hear in my head while I draw the scenes.

For my duel scene... I love how it starts up as "one fine morning" and then a bunch of dialogues follow... until the music gets very agitated and you can totally see some little jokes cracked here and there, the drama, the comedy... and then a duel starts until the whole music becomes so heroic and full as the orchestra joins the soloist developing the main theme. (then minute 7:54 is where Castalia and Kane have fun! XD) Gotta love Itzhak Perlman's big hands.... *_*

I think this was used for an old Musketeers movie with Gene Kelly! So cute!

But I know - and I read - that you guys come up with your own song and music while you read the Pirate Balthasar... would you like to create a playlist?

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