Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tic tac D'oh!

Okay, you guys, four days left.. I will say it right now... I might be 2 or 3 days late in the upload, this time around. I am trying my best though... but a 2 or 3 days delay might actually be impossible to avoid. I am sorry!

Anyways, as I was saying this morning: today was a national holiday in Italy - other than being sunday - but I did work and found the time to make some more clean up and other things (amongst which a bunch of zucchiniballs - like meatballs but with zucchini XD - for lunch).

I wanted to thank you all for voting on the polls!
I am surprised to see Callista and Cassandra lead the poll for the girls (well, maybe not, the other girls did not shine much so far and Castalia... she will be getting cooler soon).

I am not surprised to see Wilson Kane lead for the boys - because he is a funny guy ... but I honestly thought the Prince-like charm of the doctor would win over Cat's (but Cat is sweet isn't he? So this is totally making my point: men are wrong when they say that girls don't like sweet guys and prefer jerks! XDD).

All this blabber is also to propose one more game.

Have you ever associated the characters to a song?

I was listening to some Cole Porter today and suddenly I thought: oh this is absolutely what Westley would sing if this was a musical. Actually I think a lot of Cole Porter songs would be perfect for my kids XDD but that might be because I listen to Cole Porter a lot - even though Castalia has George Gershwin song cut for her!

In a while, when the story will be up and running properly, with all the pairings set... I might ask you to suggest a love song for the couples. Would you like to do that?

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Anonymous said...

I love polls like this *_* . But I've realized one thing. My knowledge and appreciation of love songs is very limited (°0°). I have five titles in mind, and one of these in not even strictly a love song, though you could bend the lyrics meaning a little ^_^;

1) Talia&Kane: When You Believe , from the Prince of Egypt XD <--- see? not a romantic love song XD.
"There can be miracles you can achieve!" ("when you believe..." in us together :PPPP )
I'd say Aladdin&Jasmine duet is a more fitting choice instead :p
ooor... 'And I love Her' by The Beatles, when they're being really lovey-dovey XD.
2) Kes&Wes: in the kitchen+innuendo scene my inner Sebastian was singsonging "Kiss the girl" (Ba-cia-laaa) XD . Sooo... The Little Mermaid XD.
3)Feetsie&Cat . The Beatles again :D 'Something' (in the way she moves).
Ok, this last choice is a bit on crack.But stumbling+shy cuteness can be charming :D. Look at how well she's doing in the characters poll. One cautios step after another, she's now ahead of everybody.

For the other two couples (I'd say Foxy&Lio and Josh&Pea)... we have to see them in action yet :D.