Monday, April 05, 2010

Chapter 4 - cover work in progress

The finished drawing for chapter 4's cover is already on my desktop.
I am currently drawing the last batch of pages for chapter 3, well, not today, my sister's kids are running around the house like crazy - I can't believe they get to be on vacation from school until the 12th! - and I am taking a little break.
As I already mentioned yesterday this cover will have Westley and Cassandra on its cover, I have chosen a blue analogous w/split color scheme for them...
I decided long ago that I would dedicate the covers to all the characters - taking turns - when something cool happens to them in that specific chapter.
Now, chapter 4 is not particularly Wes&Kes-centric but I've already established a certain type of relationship between these two and it will be developing along THAT line - of love&hate - in a very strong way from this chapter on.
Since I am not for pairing up couples and leaving it at that... I am also creating odd friendships and societies along the way because a Stockolm syndrome is inevitable in these types of situations. There has been no abuse, although the pirates can be rude, and some imprinting will sure follow!

In this chapter we see Cassandra rocks! Not only she is attracted to the doctor and defies him in a strong, sensual way, but she is also bound by common interests to Cat and Fox. I think the Cat-Kes-Fox society was inevitable: Pinocchio has to meet a Cat and a Fox, doesn't he... and Cassandra is such a nice Pinocchia! Expect her to shine!

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