Saturday, April 10, 2010

sorry! ^^"

Today's post wasn't much of a post. I found someone willing to help, though and she is working with me to make the SmackJeeves page a little more pirate looking.
The menu will have this sort of look and I was drawing buttons the whole afternoon! LOL
Hopefully we will be done by tomorrow, make sure to let me know if you like it.
In the meantime I am also cleaning up the new installment and hopefully will be done tonight.
I am also drawing paperdolls... yes, no kidding... something of the sort: dress up your favorite twin and... undress your favorite pirate. I'll start with the twins though, 'cuz I like to see you suffer! (don't forget I am a true pirate: true pirates put salt in your wounds ^_x/ ahr ahr ahr!)

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