Sunday, April 18, 2010

Callista Dress Up Doll

I am currently in Rome... visiting monuments and this is my automated away message, LOl!
I did secretly uploaded a drawing before I left so that I could post something over the week-end, while I was away having fun. Am I nice or what?

Here's the second twin for our paper doll project. I am planning something really really cute, for when this paper doll thingy is over... it's about famous fairy tales/books and famous illustrators XD
Am I ambitious? I am... and hopefully my arm will be back to normal soon, so I can draw again!

Of course this is done on the spare time of the spare time - after I work on the comic - but I still hope freebies are appreciated and that you consider them fun! I think it's important to be able to interact with everything concerning a story and have fun outside the comic itself ^_^ (<--- big fan of gadgets and merchandising LOL)

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