Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cat Dress Up Doll

Here we go, people! The Cat is naked! XD Droooool!

Today is a national holiday in Italy, kinda like Independence Day. So I have to leave you - tear myself from you - and go to a pic-nic... against my will, ergo I'll take work with me!

To all the Italians following this blog: Buon 25 Aprile!

P.s. I started clean up and I cleaned 4 pages last night ^^" Ay, I'm soooo behind schedule!

1 comment:

Breed 107 said...

Oh my! I'm gonna to faint! My darling naked (or almost...)
I'm very undecided about his attire: the purple one or the mint/aqua one? They are both so suitable for him... I can't decide, so I'll leave him in underpants ^_^ (hi hi hi)
Buon 25 aprile anche a te Deda e grazie per questa doll!