Friday, April 23, 2010

Cassiopea Dress Up Doll


You know... posting my drawings after a fan art always makes me feel shy... They are so nice!
For me it's like this... my drawings are not at the level they could be and I'm always afraid I might disappoint people a bit.
I often think "if I could do nothing but this, it would come out so much better"... who doesn't right? Ahahahaha! Everybody would love to live and draw and do nothing else (or sing or paint or create, in general).

Unfortunately I have bills to pay and a loan coming up and so I work for a living and do this on my spare time.
So forgive me if my drawings are not really nice, particularly recently with the muscle problem.
I reaaaally cannot draw hahahaha - I hope the chapter turns out well anyway!

Oh but good news is I finished drawing the chapter and I can start the clean up - except first I have to check my students' homework!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooooooh, shut up , you uber-skilled drawing animal ;p.
About the bills ... *sighs* In the past there were Maecenas for artists. Now we have... Maria :/