Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chapter 4 - cover sketch

While you sizzle in anticipation like a giant sausage on a pan... like I know you do... maybe hahahaha....
Here's a preliminary sketch I did for the cover of chapter 4.

No, chapter 3 is not done yet... we have one more installment.
Yes, we have to see what happens between Castalia and Kane - remember? The dude was not wearing his mask!!! *ç*

Anyways, since I need the covers to turn out exactly like I want them to be... I start working on them early on, while I draw the previous chapter!

Usually, once I am done, I put the final work on my desktop and stare at it for weeks... this way I manage to see if there's any problems that need to be fixed!

So, yes, we are going to have the first cover without Kane and Castalia. This one is a Wes&Kes!
It will mostly have blue hues! *_X/

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