Saturday, April 17, 2010

Undress your favorite pirate.


Hello, guys, I should follow doctor's orders and rest! But since my doctor is not Westley.... I drew another doll. (and two more are coming up).

Here's Wilson Kane in shorts or briefs... well let's say he should not have those short undies but if it were August and you were to be on the Mediterranean sea... you'd cut your underwear too!
Btw I already set the countdown for the next installment and I hope to make it, with my arm like this, it is even difficult to type.
The next chapter will have 37 pages.
The first batch consists of 12 pages... in which we'll see a terrible predator of the sea - and I don't mean sharks, we've seen that already!
Then we are off to Spring Cleaning ahahahhaha.

We'll I am going to see monuments today, hopefully the Roman Bath will give me inspiration for the thermal episode I wanted to write.

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