Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tic tac tic tac tic tac

Okay I am not panicking now... I have rendered 4 pages out of 8 and due date is in 2 days. I can do it! Muahahahha. (^_x)/
The problem is... my brush isn't working properly so the first two pages might look slightly different even though I tried to match the previous style. I wonder if it shows to much!

And sorry about yesterday, I am trying to see how I manage with ads on my blog but I didn't set the "family friendly" content and when I got back home they had activated a Viagra Banner???? O_O What the heck? (I have nothing against Viagra except they pester me in my in-box with spams even though I am a girl!!! è_é and should not be my problem getting some!).

I am just trying to find alternative solutions to adsense - they are so snob against Italians! - and I just want to see if the blog can earn enough money to pay for a full domain and server, it would be neat!

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