Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My next tshirt.

Yeah, so... ehm... I am a bit - a lot - overworked these days and so I only manage to sleep about 4 hours per night... which causes me to hallucinate during the day, clearly, because yesterday I saw this on the ceiling while daydreaming and I started drooling thinking: tttttt-shiiiiiiirt (-insert drool here-).

I think it's because my trip to Italy is approaching and we have tons of fountains of naked boys riding a dolphin... I want the cow to leave a rainbow trail behind her... or maybe she should jump one... and maybe she should be a merecow or a weregoat....

Would anybody like to attempt to draw a weregoat? That would be a funny game.

Anyways: naked Pifo on a flying Rose shooting rainbows out of her ass - will be my next tshirt! XDDD
Would you like one too?


FarStar said...

-instant associations- Cause you know, Chupacabra could cannibal weregoat. xD
... -is tired and sick, so please excuse lack of sanity-

dedasaur said...

what's nyanyan cat?

dedasaur said...

hahahaha okay one of my students just showed me.

Lauand said...

And who wouldn't?! XDD!!

Love it to pieces. And Pifo isn't a particular fave of mine, but the pic is just too awesome!

Breed 107 said...

Oh, my! It's amaizing! Pifo and Rose are so cute! I want a t-shirt like this too *_*