Friday, September 30, 2011

Wilson Kane Cat

I am not the kind of person that goes around... looks at videos of kitties... posts pictures of kitties... snaps pictures of kitties and makes them talk funny.

But during my stay in Sicily I met a Wilson Kane Cat.
Tall, dark and handsome... Sicilian... masked... and a thief.

This cat Haz no cheesburger... he goes for parmiggiana.

As you can see here is Wilson Kane Cat after snatching a huge chunk of eggplant parmiggiana (top left corner) from our kitchen... and he ate it all!

Yes, apparently cats in Sicily eat eggplants!
And he doesn't look guilty at all, he looked at me and went "maoooaoooooo"!

That's where I raise my hands, surrender and think: what can you reply to a maoooaoooo said with such a grouchy voice?

This ought to be the stupidest post ever but this little thing had me laughing for a day!

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