Monday, September 19, 2011

Thar be interview! (Pifo&Quoque)

1) Quoque Tu, do you actually own a Kamasutra book on board since you mentioned the book in question?

Quoque knows of book but never seen it. It's because Quoque was raised away from native land. Anna taught me to read and write but Italian only - he say useful language, most spoken, but very hard one. I know Kama Sutra has pictures but text I would not know how to read it.

2) Pifo, how are you going to deal with point 1) above ?
Cleavly I can't. I have not yet figuved out what thif book you all talk about if. I am ftill looking fov a decent copy of the Odylliad. Fov fome ftvange reafon nobody knowf it. Ifn't that weivd?

3) Pifo: do you prefer corn or cucumber? :0)
Well, cucumbevf ave bettev for youf fkin and cleavly you cannot make tfatfiki with covn.
I love covn but cucumbevf have move applicationf to veal life and wovkf wondevf fov my acne.

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