Friday, September 02, 2011

On the papers... - the pirate way!

News of the day - sorry the article is in Italian but... it's worth sharing the news, right?

We have article! Yes! Nuovasocieta' has dedicated an entire article to the Pirate Balthasar (thanks to the recent commotion generated by the Smack Jeeves awards). So here we go!

Tadaaaa, pretty kewl!

Also... blogger is trying to switch to a new version (more similar to google buzz and G+) and there are some new features I haven't explored yet. One thing I've noticed to be gone is the ability to turn the title of the post into a link. I hope it's not gone for ever because I thought it was quite useful.

Anyways... to some extent I hate when things go white and it reminds me of Wordpress (which pisses me off like there is not tomorrow!) it's just freaking ugly, I want my oranges back!
So... let me give them some feedback! :D

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