Monday, September 05, 2011

Kane and Castalia PTO

TPB goes PTO.
I thought I'd show you the sketch of the work in progress.
Since the mermaid illustration will take me a while longer...
I might go directly to the next topic and start drawing the next illustrations.

So the second one was kane and castalia as phantom and christine.
I tried a first rendering but I don't like it.
I am seriously thinking of pen and inking this one or do more than one version.


FarStar said...

Castalia looks sorta OC there (and is it just me, or her hand is big? xD). ;D8 I really did not like Christine, especially in movie her actions left the feeling she either liked to torture Eric or couldn't decide or was just plain out dumb. Or all three together. Sooo, I think of Castalia was in POT, it would have turned out completely different! Much better, too, if you ask me. xD

dedasaur said...

Of course her hands are big it's one of her main characteristics. ;)
Even Kane says so "you hands are too big and you look like a boy" XD

I didn't like the movie, it made Erik look handsome and desperate.

Truth is the original book is dated and would make no sense in today's standards - but you contextualize it, it's quite scary.

Erik is a serial killer, he is also 60 years old an gets obsessed with someone who is mostly a child, Christine is just 16 and not even mature for her age, Raoul is only slightly older and for most of the times they play house while the phantom stalks them. Quite creepy.

Raoul is much less heroic but reacts to his brother's death. Strangely enough the most interesting character in the book, the Persian, was removed.

dedasaur said...

btw before saying she's out of characters with that confused expression... wait and see what happens in chapter 15 and 16 XDDDD

Lauand said...

Personally, when I watch characters in an AU setting, I go by the spirit of the characters and not the spirit of the alternative universe they've been put into. So when I see this, the feeling for me is as light and positive as when I read TPB, because it's them I'm seeing, and not Erik and Christine, but at the same time I really enjoy the adaptation and the details that say "this is PTO". Does that make sense?


Then, are you going to ink this the pirate way?

dedasaur said...

A phantom like Kane would be interesting! XDDD not so obsessive and stalker like....

I am posting now a first version but I am not quite happy with it so expect a second one.

FarStar said...

Yes, the movie was mehh. Dx I haven't happened to read the book, but I am mostly up to date and I realize situation is different than portrayed in the movie, somewhat, but still.
And I know her hands are big but each nearly the size of her face? Rlly? xD
Of course, they look good and fitting the Universe, I just wanted to say I would probably like the original story way more with the two of them as main characters, not the real ones. xD
Alshoo, interesting spoiler, sorta. o3o

dedasaur said...

a normal person's hand goes from chin to a little above eyebrows. Hers cover the whole face chin-to-hairline. It's the proportions I always follow (when I don't forget about it because I'm in no time to think while I draw) :)

the sisters' hands are big too but not as big as Castalias.

dedasaur said...

I found it!
I talked about Castalia's hands in the presentation post as well.