Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Oh noooo somebody chopped daddy's legs off! XDDD

Because we are only (well I am) 5 chapter away from the end of the regular comic - and after that we move onto other stories - as usual I like to plan ahead.

So, since I had in mind to dedicate a few stories to the next generation when they are kids (particularly I have this story in mind for Itzak called : Floggy)... well, I started sketching a few ideas.

Yes, markers on yellow paper make hair turn seriously yellow XDD
This is a very small ten minutes sketch and has to do with the fact that toddlers fall asleep on you in the weirdest position. This is Itzak's start position. Reminds you of anybody?

As it turns out having a character that looks like the doctor but has Kes' personality could be quite fun! Prepare to see the shallala version of baby instincts!

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