Friday, September 02, 2011

September 19th here we go!

Okay okay, as I previously mentioned September 19th is Talk like a pirate day~!
So I wanted to celebrate with all of you and make the September 19th post the best post ever in the pirate balthasar's blog history!

In short it will be made with all the things you send me and it will be about you, shouting your piratey love to the pirate world.

As promised here's a list of things we can do for September 19th!

1) Send us a message in the bottle using pirate talk translators: You can write anything, translating into pirate language!

2) Draw us a message: Any kind of scribble, fan art, drawing, original drawing... anything about pirates (make sure you don't send me copyrighted materials... as much as I love Pirate Spongebob... I cannot use it).

3) Give us pirates pics: send us a photograph (it has to be your own, not something you grab from the internet, you know still copyright issue) of the most piratey looking thing you know. Or you could dress up as a pirate and send us a pic.

4) Create a pirate trinket: since the digital contest is still on... you can create banners, messages, icons, button, animated gif using Pirate Balthasar material or create your own.

5) Tell a tale: a fan fic, a poem, a song, a story, make a video... anything!!!! Yours original possibly.

6) Share your booty: if you find anything interesting that you think we should share with the Talk like a Pirate website...

So since this stuff has to go online on september 19th we have to be done by september 18th, right?


You can: send an email to dedadaniels(at), post link in response to any post of the blog, post something on Deviant art (possibly submit to the group as well), post it on facebook, post a link on Smack Jeeves (under any of the pages) and this is all I can think about. Ha ha ha.

This should be fun!

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