Monday, September 19, 2011

Thar be weregoat!

Ahoy there, ye scruvy dogs!
T'day... tis the day we've all been wait'n fer!
T'day we celebrate: Talk like a pirate day!

Introducing: the weregoat by 66scarylion44!

"The Were-goat encounter would probably happen like this:Pea and Caftalia ave walking avound Covvo when they come acvoff a boy Weve-Goat "ufing the bufhef". The beft thing to do in thif fituation if to back away flowly, fo they do. Howevev, the Weve-goat followf them back to camp and fallf hovnf-ovev-hoovef in love with Vofe. He'f nevev feen anything fo beautiful in hif entive life. Alaf! Pifo and Vofe will have none of it and get the othev pivatef to vun him fvom camp. He findf the bee-hive, eatf fouv beef, and vunf into a tvee.

Were-goat information:
Found exclusively on the island of Corvo
Males are usually 5'3" with 3" horns (5'6"). Females are 4' with 5" horns (4'5").
Males are intoxicated by figues, seaweed, and bees (Yes, were-goats eat bees. Females more so than males because the males can't eat 2 bees before walking into trees and what-not.).
Females are a dappled brown and males are black, grey, or dark brown. Kids are born light brown that changes when they reach 1 yo.
Females begin to grow their horns when they are 1.5 yo. Males get their horns at 4."

(play on word in the title as tahr is a type of Himalayan goat)

More treasure to come yer way, so sail around these waters for more... booty!

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Lauand said...

OMG! I love it! I've always been a big fan of this kind of honest drawings, and with complementary text to boot!

The idea of the weregoat was really alluring to me, but I chickened out because I didn't know how to depict it, so congratulations to 66scarylion44 for being up to the challenge!