Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I need magical help today.
They lost my luggage... or better yet... they said that the luggage landed but it was never delivered to me.

So I am expecting a call from the airport stating that the suitcase finally got here... and hopefully they will deliver it to me by tomorrow.

Thing is... they still haven't called... and... this is the fourth time it happens.

I have to stop traveling with luggage. I will buy a suitcase every time I travel around anyway. I should just go somewhere, buy stuff and abandon it when I leave. T_T

Castalia, we need magical help, now... I really hope I get to see my suitcase again.


Joanna said...

That's a serious case of bad luck 8\
I hope things are better.

Loving fairy Castalia ;)

Lauand said...

Aaarrghhh! I hope they find it!