Monday, September 19, 2011

Thar be interview! (Castalia)

Question for Castalia:
Why the sudden kitty behavior? =^w^=

Castalia: meow? Why sudden? I have always been a cat: I like to climb, I use humans as pillows, I sit with my hands between my legs and I like to play with strings.
Cats are not very vocal, they talk when they need to to communicate with inferior beings - included humans.
Cat designate a favorite human to take care of them.

My favorite human is a smart cookie. He realized right away that kitties are better pets than lizards, he let me use him as pillow, let me play with his hair and when he brings me food he calls me with a finger: here kitty kitty.

The first time I meowed it was because I hadn't seen him the whole day. That's when I first realized he is indeed my favorite human. Once a cat picks a human, being vocal is not an issue anymore, the need to communicate is more important. That's why the more I know my man, the more I trust him, the more I need to meow!

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