Thursday, June 23, 2011

The poll is closed... and we're in trouble.

And how did you manage to have so many ties? Hahahahaha.
First of all thanks to all the 184 people who voted in such a short amount of time (we're getting very good at this! :D).

But here's the dilemma: which one should go first?

The cast in contemporary setting --- 56 (30%)
Callista and Cat - The Little Mermaid --- 56 (30%)

Kane and Castalia - Phantom of the Opera 23 (12%)
Foxy and Lio as Robin Hood and Lady Marian 13 (7%)
Wes and Kes Much Ado About Nothing 10 (5%)
Pifo as Snowhite and the guys as the 7 thieves 8 (4%)
The Odylliad 5 (2%)
Pifo goldielock and the 3 brother balthasar bears 5 (2%)
Martin as the Prince on the Pea 4 (2%)
Josh and Nairi as Montecristo and Aidee 4 (2%)

The first one is actually a set of illustration. The second one is a very long illustration. But I have sketches for both... so... shall I surprise you?


KaguriaKistune said...

Awwwww choice didn't even make the cut :(

dedasaur said...

Oh, this is such an old poll dear, from when we had fan art/cosplay request and voted for them back in the summer of 2011.