Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Callista mermaid concept

It seems like the Callista mermaid thing might happen sooner than expected (she's been voted a lot).
So I started some concept for it and I though I might share a bit of my thinking process with you :D

First of all I start figuring out a composition and an action.

The composition is the one to the bottom right.
It will be portrait, very elongated (the type facebook does not like and does not want to upload).

Then I try to determine a second composition inside the composition... I want a sort of heart shape for them.

Then the action: she was expecting him, he holds his breath but is finally there and she is delighted and wags her tail around him.

Then I look for references.

I try to sketch tropical fishes I like and see how many elements I can use in the concept for the mermaid.

I don't like mermaids looking too human. I think the reason why sailors should be drawn to mermaid is not because they are pretty girl (the fish tail is a total turn off, if you ask me... I have been at sea for month and you don't have a lower body? Who cares how pretty you are if I cannot do "stuff" to you?).

I doesn't make sense. But if they looked amazing, precious, something you might want to capture and show off... then it would make sense.

There's something about tropical fishes: they look like jewels to me.
A mermaid should be like that too.

So I develop a concept and a turn around... a cross section even though is gross... and studies of features, facial expressions and such.

I don't think a fish would need hair.
And mermaids, as they are always depicted, don't look hydrodynamic to me.

So my mermaid has to look pretty but fast.

Ecventually I think I'll make her golden and blue and very colorful.

She should be something very amazing. One of those creature that move you tear and scare you at the same time.

And because Cat and Callista's theme is to go beyond - it's about acceptance - it would be cool if he looked very plain and she didn't but they are still incredibly fascinated by each other, right?

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