Sunday, June 05, 2011

OC game: third entry!

Here's our third entry for our OC game.
It's from Kanako and you can visit her Deviant Art account!

Here's the description of her character:

Second child of a wealthy Sicilian family, Allegra has a strong temper. She speaks only when requested and says what she’s expected to say, but what really talks is her eyes’ expressions. She could speak calm and sweet and yet looking at you with a killing gaze.
She’s quite skinny but she had a substantial dowry, which allowed her father to marry her with the current chief of Martin Steeves. Her husband isn’t strong enough to cope with her and he ended yielding to Allegra’s will. So in the end are Allegra and her father who command in her husband’s place and send Martin after Kane (that’s because of something really old pending between Allegra’s grandfather Costanzo and Kane’s grandfather... you know, family duty XD)
About her appearance in the comic, I imagine a scene like this: Martin doing his report to his chief and Allegra standing behind her husband’s chair, commenting and advising both her husband and the captain XD And her poor husband sink into the chair XD

Dramatic music cues iiiiiin!
Thank you for the entry!

Update is coming soon, have a good sunday everyone.

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Anonymous said...

wow. well fleshed out and interesting character.