Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Fan Art - The Ring of Fynn

One Ring to rule them all...
One Ring to make them go: oursssss!
The Ring of Fynn be fallen (like, literally falling) upon the people of Shallallas and be worshiped and honored and...

Okay this stopped making sense at the second line already.

All this fuss to say that elianthos, ho ho ho, was once again inspired by the mighty doctatorship of our beloved Mr. Fynn and delivered these two pieces today.

I kinda prefer this version here because I like how dark the pupils are, creating a very powerful focal point and giving him such and intense look.

Inteeeeenssssse - Shallalas meltdown in progress!

If you care to leave a message under her drawings (or complain that she does not produce as many as you would like her to muahahha - evil me)... click on her nick and follow her/stalk her on Deviant Art!

I forgot to upload the 9 Lios! >:( (let me clean it up first).

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