Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hang in there! - and fan art

Hello mates,
the update will be up in a few hours so hang in there.
Today I am uploading the promised sketches/work in progress from elianthos.

She has also prepared some portraits of Giovannino (those I will link in a different way - she has uploaded them to her live journal and put age restriction, I cannot do that here so I will link the page directly)... so stick around to see what will come next.

The first sketch is called Lemon Time, you can visit her account on deviant art and leave her some nice messages of appreciation.

The second sketch is a quick study of Pea.

You know the drill... click on the hyperlink to reach her Deviant Art account (the specific page where the drawing is hosted) and leave her a nice message.

Happy posting, everyone!

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