Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Graphic Challenge: second entry: Water gif

For the Graphic Challenge our friend Mogeygriffin has created an animated gif based on water.
Now the gif is quite big so you can either click on my thumbnail and see it in its full size and resolution on my photobucket or click on Mogey's name up there, go visit Deviant Art and leave her a nice comment.

I advice the second option if your connection is not activated by sloths spinning a wheel, like mine (I had to download it to fully enjoy it). Any way you wanna see it still go and leave her a nice comment :D, it would be nice!

You want to see it full size: they move and blink :D it's super nice!


I also received new fan art and a new entry for the Oc game. Thank you!

I will be posting them next (I try to post all the things you send me in order :D).

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