Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another OC Game entry!

Today our friend Zoeyagent proposes two characters: Clyde and the Old Lady.

Here is how she describes them:

"The old lady will take Kane away from Castalia while in the middle of a crowd in a market place (or something) thinking it's her husband because of her oldness and such (poor eyesight).... and she rambles on about the passed... "Oh I remember the time...." Kane tries to fight back from the old ladies clutches but she interrupts and babbles on and on about the old days living in her exaggerated fantasies..... When Kane finds a way out he latches some random person (Clyde) from wherever to the old lady which doesn't seem to notice....

Then Clyde will notice who is on him, and seeing that Kane did it he will say.... "DAMN YOU PIRATE BALTHAZAR", Old lady then taps him harshly in the face because of language.... then says "Honey, Language!"

This old lady would probably be about a little over half of Kane's height with squinted eyes.... and Every time she sees Castalia she will say "just one moment little boy"...... and if she sees pifo she will say "little girl"..... "

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? XDDD
Thanks for submissions, guys, we have quite a lot to play with! :D I want moooooar moooooar!

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So cute!