Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates, fan arts and new games?

Alright, alright, let's start from the fan arts... as promised.
We start from this beautiful drawing of Callista by Mogeygriffin (you can visit her Deviant Art account and leave her a nice comment :D).

I always welcome new fan arts and I keep on saying that there's nothing better than waking up in the morning and find a freshly baked fan art waiting for me at the breakfast table! :D
But I know that you guys are always very busy so... I appreciate that you still find time to send me drawings.


The poll is closed the results are here.

The OC game is still on. You can post a link to your blog with your creation in the comments here, you can post a link to photobucket, you can submit via Facebook or Deviant Art or you can email you work to me at: dedadaniels(at)

We have quizzes and games for your enjoyment to the side (to see which Papadopulos are you, or play the color scheme interpretation or if you like to play the 25 expression challenge the pirate way).


New Games

Are you good with graphics?
Pick any drawing from here and/or here and let's have a contest about the best: wallpaper, icon/avatar or animated gif!

It shall be called: The Graphic Challenge!

You can use photobucket's filter (I think flicker allows you to change stuff around too), or any graphic program to create your thing. You can do anything you like with it!

I'd say we play with this until the end of August, what do you say?

(as usual submission can be emailed to me - dedadaniels(at) - or posted here in the comments to the blog, or on facebook or on deviant art).

I hope you guys like the idea,
Have fun!


Tiffc said...

I decided to give the Design Challenge a shot! I don't really have the tools for making good graphics, but I was inspired from looking at all your art. :D

And this is actually the same wallpaper just with a slightly warmer hue:

dedasaur said...

Look awesome! :D