Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another Oc entry!

So Blogger is being evil this morning and does not let me upload pictures....

Hence if you click on this it will bring you to photobucket.


This entry comes from Mallory who has just started her comic on Smack Jeeves called Regency! (click on the title to visit her comic).

In the meantime meet:

Katharina Althanasius Wolf

Height: 5’7” (Foxy’s height)

Age: 19

Hair: Dark Strawberry Blond

Eyes: Pale Blue

"Katharina Wolf is a young German woman living along the Mediterranean Coast with her scientist father. Her mother has passed away and so her life is just a matter of following her father around Europe while he researches.

She’s seen in the background looking for something first. Then has a yelling fit in German looking up at the sky, “Heinrich! Raus aus dem Fenster! Sie sind ein Schmerz in meinem…” (Heinrich! Get out of the window! You are a pain in my…) Josh turns back to move to her.

“Can I help you…” She interrupts by yelling at the window again where there is a gray kitten.

“Damnit! Get down!” He blinks at her, taken a back as she starts hopping at the window. Carefully he reaches up and pulls the kitten down handing it to her. She glances at him, glares and then turns to walk away quickly. The cat meows and she turns to look down at it. “No, Heinrich, he was not THAT handsome…” She looks back flushes and then skitters away behind a building. Josh is left bewildered. Kane steps in.

“Who was that?”

“I have no idea….but I wouldn’t mind finding out.”

The end."

Uuuuh, Josh is in this one! *_*

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