Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Illustrator: Nopp KHEBCHAREON

My friend Noppy has sent me a present, yesterday.
I want to share it with you - my passion for pirates is very well known everywhere I go, I have always been "the pirate gal" for everyone - isn't she awesome?

Clearly, as I previously stated, she is Disney material! (she did matte paintings for Pirates of the Caribbean too). Currently I bug her constantly to learn more about markers and watercolors (I don't like to paint digitally, digital paint is not very vibrant it only shines like gold XDDD)... and am getting her addicted to my new passion: miniature canvases.

I love miniature canvases they force you to crop in the picture and look for a great composition.
I made some new miniature paintings of Fickle, Rose and the Shallalas, I'll show them to you tomorrow. On Rose's I want to glue some fabric! Like... curtains XDDDD

I hope you enjoyed the special! Seems like people has taken a liking to these specials so I am preparing more!


Unknown said...

And Nopp gave the Pirate Gal a Minoan look...

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful computing!

dedasaur said...

She was going for Celtic on Thai look XDDD

Anonymous said...

Er I meant to say colouring.. ;) Isolde