Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The OC Game: first entry.

Our friend Myridd has proposed a female character for our game: Dhalia Rose Valentine.
Here's the description she comes with from the very words of her creator:

Dahlia is a rich, highly desirable lady, at the height of fashion and a mastermind at the politics of noble houses. (Incidently, I think Pea and her would get along great!). She is however, very caring and carries around a terribly wounded heart. Probably the reason she acts so superior and prideful is to hide her inner weakness.

Anyway, I thought for the contest she would run into them in town (or on a ship if they attack a rich one or whatever.) and she would say something along the lines of "A rose should be the center of attention." Than she would huff and turn away. "However, this does have the feel of a cameo role." and than she would simply walk off. Or whatever.

Let's give a round of applause to our first entry and how quick she was at responding at the pirate call!

1 comment:

Myridd said...

Eek! Its mine! I didn't realize I was the first! -__-; At least that means if no one else enters I'll win by default!